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Jan 1Scary Things
Jan 6Helpful Diagrams 2: Umbrella
Jan 8L’amour plus fort que la haine
Jan 12Helpful Diagrams 3: Missing Pieces
Jan 19Helpful Diagrams 4: safety
Jan 26Horoscope 4: The Reckoning
Mar 18The Valentine
Mar 18Disappearing Act 1: El Conejito
Mar 18The Dreamer of Eternia
Mar 19Two kinds
Mar 23Helpful Diagrams 5: Opiates
Apr 11The Cutting Room Floor
Apr 13Disappearing Act 2: The Drink
Apr 16Helpful Diagrams 6: The Foxhole Supernatural
Apr 20A villain, loathsome and douche-y
Jun 1Piece painted on canvas with acrylic, loathing
Jun 10Helpful Diagrams 7: Lose Weight with this one Weird Old Tip!
Jun 17Disappearing Act 3: Caught in the Act
Jun 21Helpful Diagrams 8: Makeup Tips
Jun 22Helpful Diagrams 9: Birds
Jun 29No Dinosaurs Allowed
Oct 4No Dinosaurs Allowed 2
Oct 4Cash Float
Oct 25Secret Ingredient
Oct 31Hallowe’en, 2015