The short of it is, it’s the anniversary of the Martian Invasion and I’ve decided to do some War of the Worlds fanart.

Not that long ago, I was re-listening to Jeff Wayne’s musical War of the Worlds, which despite the use of a synthesizer is actually a good deal closer to the original book than most film versions I’ve seen (I’m looking at you, Tom Cruise.) I realized that the exact date of the first Martian launch, as seen by human astronomers as a green flash on the surface of Mars, was August 14th, 1894. That would make this summer the 120th anniversary of the invasion (had it actually happened.) I thought I would do a few pictures based on both the original book and Jeff Wayne’s musical version, which is too corny not to love with lines like:

“The chances of anything coming from Mars

are a million to one, he said

The chances of anything coming from Mars

are a million to one… but still, THEY COME.”

It took about a fortnight for the first Martian capsules to arrive, and until they did, the journalist narrator noted how calm the world remained. He even remarked, on an evening stroll with his wife during which they looked at the stars, “it seemed so safe and tranquil”.